The conditions outlined in the terms of service below will need to be read and approved by you (the client) before Oxygen Media begins commencement of work for your business.


Oxygen Media agreed to supply an invoice for services as detailed. I (the client) agrees to make payment of total invoice amount by the due date noted.


The commencement date will be the day in which Oxygen Media begins working for you (the client). All future invoices will be sent on this same date every month.

Rights & Obligations

Oxygen Media will not provide any details contained within this document to any third party without your express permission to do so, or where a legal obligation exists to do so.


All passwords, login credentials, usernames and security codes will remain confidential between the client and the account manager assigned to your project. Your passwords, login credentials, usernames and security codes will not be distributed to any third party organisation. Any communication between your business and consumers via digital media will remain confidential and will not be repeated or communicated to any third party in any way. All payment details including, credit cards, financial institution login details or other forms of payment will remain confidential between the client and account manager assigned with your project.


Clients may cancel services performed by Oxygen Media at anytime. Cancellation will not take place until the cancellation request has been confirmed and requests must be provided not less than 30 days prior to the requested date of cancellation.

Agreement to proceed
I Authorise Oxygen Media to proceed with the services as detailed in this terms of service agreement, by replying with “approved” or  “please proceed” via email or phone, you are agreeing to the above terms of service.